Who is covered by OSHA’S HAZWOPER Standard?

Any employees who are exposed to hazardous substances, including hazardous waste, and who are engaged in one of the following:

  • Clean up Operations
  • Corrective Actions RCRA
  • Voluntary Cleanup Operations
  • Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities
  • Emergency Response Operations


Open enrollment classes :(see calendar)

  • Hudson Wisconsin, Conveniently located 20 min East of Twin Cities Metro area

Customized courses:

  • We will do your HAZWOPER course anywhere in the world!


  • 40 Hour HAZWOPER – $850
  • 24 Hour HAZWOPER – $650
  • 8 Hour HAZWOPER – $195
  • Call for large group rates

Registration Information/Cancellation Policy

  • Registration form must be completed and payment must be received 2 weeks prior to the class start date
  • Cancellations must be made 1 week prior to the class start date
  • If cancellations are necessary, the student will be enrolled in a future class
  • EX Safety, LLC reserves the right to cancel any course. Upon cancellation a full refund will be issued.

What do I receive upon completion?

  • Certificate
  • Wallet Card
  • HAZWOPER Training manual

What does the class include?

  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Demonstration
  • Table top exercises
  • Hands-On Field Exercises
  • Fun and refreshments!

What if Refresher Training isn’t completed in 12 months?

  • The need to repeat initial training must be determined based on the employee’s familiarity with safety and health procedures. There should be a record in the employee’s file indicating why the training has been delayed and when the training will be completed. (www.osha.gov/html/faq-hazwoper.html)

What are the training or certification requirements for HAZWOPER trainers?

  • The “Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response” standard (HAZWOPER), 29 CRF 1910.120, states in paragraph (e)(5) that “Trainers shall be qualified to instruct employees about the subject matter that is being presented in training”. In addition, 29 CRF 1910.120 (e)(5) explains that that the qualifications of the instructors may be shown by academic degrees, completed training courses and/or work experience.

Our credentials – We have academic and hands-on experience.

EX Safety, LLC provides environmental training and consulting throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ted Beyer is a trainer who takes pride in being a scientist, educator, and emergency responder. Ted will bring hands-on practical experience and BOOM to your training room!

What other courses does EX Safety, LLC offer?

  • Confined Space, Entry & Rescue
  • Trenching and Excavation
  • American Red Cross CPR & 1st Aid
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Hazard Communication/Right-to-Know
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection
  • PIT/Forklift Training
  • Fire Extinguisher/Prevention
  • Customized Courses
  • MSHA
  • OSHA 10/30 Construction/General Industry


  • It is recommended that students have medical evaluations and have the proper medical clearance to wear respiratory protection. Students will be participating in mock spills and be donning levels A, B, C, & D during field exercises. EX Safety, LLC will not assume liability for injury or illness during field exercises
  • All training courses, information, and content is intended for educational purposes only. The client should seek specific, certified, and legal advise regarding their industry