Ted Beyer is a senior scientist and founder of EX Safety, LLC, a small company dedicated to big ideas. EX Safety, LLC., specializes in chemical, safety and health consulting and customized training. EX Safety, LLC, Inc. helps Fortune 500 companies and small businesses implement effective safety and health programs. Ted Beyer is an experienced safety professional who has the ability to inform, entertain and engage his audiences of 15 to 1500. Ted is known as the man who “makes things go BOOM!”. The Ph.D. chemist and construction worker alike enjoy hands-on learning and story telling that makes them go home thinking.

Ted Beyer has been an emergency response hazmat team member, former high school chemistry and physics teacher and, safety instructor who believes in making safety fun. Ted Beyer has served on many community service organizations. Ted is an avid outdoorsman, diver, survivalist, rock collector, gardener and science enthusiast.

EX Safety, LLC. specializes in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. We are the only local organization that offers a quality 40 Hour HAZWOPER and 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher once a month. We believe in education that is delivered with the real world in mind. Students will walk away with an educational experience where “chemistry meets reality”. Students will sweat it out in Level A, B, and C; donning SCBA’s and participating in live spill drills designed to test knowledge, the joy of dressing-out and, decontamination. EX Safety, LLC is proud to have equipment capabilities beyond the scope of most small fire departments. Construction or Industry, EX Safety does it all.

EX Safety, LLC offers customized instruction, consulting, and site safety audits in the areas of HAZWOPER, confined space, trenching/excavation and, OSHA compliance consultation for both construction and industry. We are proud of the services that are provided to clients who care about the environment, safety and health.